Kristin Nesbit publishes new review on aspen-fire relationship

A new Tamm Review in the journal Forest Ecology and Management reviews the complicated relationship between aspen and fire in North America.

Image credit: Larissa Yocom


  • High variability in aspen stands makes fire activity in aspen difficult to predict.
  • Pure stands with herbaceous understories are more likely to reduce fire behavior.
  • Aspen can burn easily and intensely in windy, dry, or certain seasonal conditions.
  • Specific management guidelines for aspen fire risk reduction treatments are needed.
Larissa Yocom
Larissa Yocom
Associate Professor, Fire Ecology and Management

In my research group, we are interested in advancing research about the ecological role of fire, how climate, fire and vegetation are related over time and space, and how management can promote the beneficial aspects of fire and minimize the negative consequences.